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Our Vision

At Independence & Well Being the people we care for are at the heart of everything we do. Our Vision is to become the leading quality innovator and provider of meaningful, valued adult services in the UK. We will do this by enriching our existing services and expanding upon our service base to enable our users to achieve their full quality of life potential through enhanced mobility, security or engagement.


Every interaction with Independence & Well Being should leave our customers feeling confident that they have received best quality in all aspects of a service. We set high standards for each other and use a range of measures to assure this. Quality measures to assure this include Key Performance Indicators, formal third party audits (including Health & Safety) and tools to continuously collect our customers’ feedback.


We endeavour to adopt a strategy that ensures responsible husbandry of our own resources and the resources of the communities we serve. Many thousands of you benefit from your relationship with Independence & Well Being and we pledge to do all that we can to safeguard and improve the services we provide for generations
to come.


Our company thrives because of the incredible people who work in it and we know that we can serve more vulnerable people by adding new services or enriching those that we already provide. All of us are on this growth journey and we all have our part to play, listening and respecting one another.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build an organisation which will be recognised as a nationwide centre of excellence.


The number of adults whose lives we have enriched in 2017 and we are on a mission to build on this as we grow.

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What we do

We provide a range of independence and well-being focused adult social care services within the Borough of Enfield and beyond.

These services include specialist day care centres and residential homes, mobility and support services for the elderly and those living with dementia or learning difficulties.

All our services exist to enable users to achieve their full quality of life potential by enhancing mobility, engagement or security. Our services are broadly grouped under two umbrellas – ‘Independence’ and ‘Well-being’

How we began

We are a limited company, established in 2016 and owned wholly by Enfield Council.

We have taken much of our learning from our borough and now move forwards as a new agile organisation – continuously innovating to provide meaningful person-centred services.

“Thank you very sincerely for a truly uplifting experience, given with positivity and encouragement.”

SM, Service User

Green Independence

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