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Accessibility Online

We are committed!

We have tried to make our website as accessible and as user friendly as we can.

We meet the AA standards set out from the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG) where ever we can. Our main focus is to make it easy for you to connect with the services you need.

Accessibility Features:
If you are struggling to read the text because the font is too small, you can adjust it by clicking the ‘A’ buttons in the navigation bar.

Clicking the smaller ‘A’ will reduce the font size, Clicking the largest ‘A’ will increase the font size and clicking the middle ‘A’ will reset the font size back to its original size.

The changes you make will be applied throughout the website and be remembered the next time you visit the website on this device.

Our main three colours have a high contrast ratio of 6:1 when seen against to white. But despite our best efforts though to create an accessible brand, we realise that some people will still struggle to distinguish between the colours on our site. In light of this, we have also added a contrast button ‘‘, so you can change the colours to suit your individual needs.

Clicking the button will cycle though three different options. Our normal brand option, a high contrasting colour option and also black and white option.

Chose whichever one is best suited to you and your selection will be remembered the next time you visit on this device.

Keyboard accessibility is a really important aspect of accessibility. Many users rely on a keyboard to navigate on the web.

We have tested our website using the TAB key to navigate through the website, and tried to make sure all our interactive elements have a clear focus, presented in an obvious manner and a logical order.

We have also added a ‘Skip to content’ link on each page, so that getting to the content you were looking for is as easy as possible.

We provide a breadcrumb trail to help users visualise and how content has been structured and how to navigate back to previous pages.

It also helps you to identify your current location on the website.

Screen readers are essential for visually impaired persons when they are using the internet. They can give people with visual impairment much more independence.

Most screen readers work by having a voice read the text from the web pages out loud. Others can communicate using a braille display. Some can be quite expensive. Below are some links to the best free screen readers that are available.

AbilityNet helps people of any age and with any disability to use technology to achieve their goals at home, at work and in education.

Apple Accessibility
Information on all aspects of disabled access to Apple technologies.

Cancer patients can improve their quality of life by tracking their own symptoms via an app.

Community Musicians
Community Musicians provide music sessions and workshops for adults and children of all abilities including special needs, autism and learning difficulties.

Enfield Carers Centre
Enfield Carers Centre is a local charity offering support and advice for all unpaid carers in the borough of Enfield.

Enfield Deaf Social Club

Enfield Disability Action (eda)
Enfield Disability Action operates as a one stop shop for disabled people in the borough of Enfield.

Enfield Vision
A visually impaired group promoting the Well Being of visually impaired people living in Enfield.

Face Front creates theatre that pioneers social change for an inclusive world.

Google Accessibility
Accessibility content and links for Google websites.

The best place to find government services and information relating to disabled people.

The brain injury association.

Leonard Cheshire Disability
Supporting individuals with learning disabilities to live, learn and work independently.

Microsoft Accessibility
Microsoft’s accessibility site includes information and tutorials on its disabled access features for both users and developers.

Middlesex Association for the Blind
Enfield Association for the blind – part of Middlesex association for the blind.

Multiple Sclerosis Society
The MS Society website has information and resources for people who have multiple sclerosis.

MUNCH restaurant
A big supporter of the good work carried out at Park Avenue. Much offers fine dining for people with allergies and intolerances.

Royal National Institute of the Blind
RNIB is a growing community that brings together everyone affected by sight loss including blind and partially sighted people.

RSI Awareness
RSI Awareness is an information resource for those interested in musculo-skeletal disorders.

The Shane Project
The Shane Project is an independent charity helping people living with Multiple Sclerosis.

The Stroke Association
The UK’s leading stroke charity, delivering stroke services across the UK.

Tottenham Hotspurs Foundation

Web Accessibility Initiative
Widely regarded as the international standard for Web accessibility.