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Post written by Admin | 13th March 2020

Important message for Shopmobility Edmonton and Inclusive Cycling Scheme customers

Independence and Well Being support the most vulnerable people in our community by providing Outreach, Enablement, Equipment Services, Residential Care and Day Services for individuals with a Learning and/or Physical disability and older people. Our staff are committed to ensure these services continue through this unprecedent challenge as a result of the Coronavirus COVID -19 outbreak.

We have always been committed to remain passionate and dedicated to supporting you but we have taken the decision to close these services from Tuesday 17th March until the 5th May 2020 as they rely on our Day Service staff to facilitate. The ability to ensure all equipment to be of a highly sanitised standard will take resources away from our other services.

We will review the situation, on the 5th May 2020, and take guidance from GOV.UK and NHS.

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.