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Maybe you are caring for a family member and feel that a break would be mutually beneficial.

We can offer respite for the day or half a day at our Rose Taylor centre where we serve delicious home-cooked food and run mind-sharpening activities. Rose Taylor is designed for older people and those living with dementia.

We can offer nightly, week long or month long respite packages at our residential home, Bridgewood House where we can cater for all ages and provide an onsite inclusive gymnasium facility.

Our Shared Lives service – Adult Placement – can also offer flexible respite in a safe family-home setting.

Bridgewood House


Referral process

The teams can be contacted on the telephone numbers and email address shown below.

Bridgewood House 020 8804 7800

Rose Taylor 020 8804 1168

Adult Placement Scheme 020 8379 5730

Email –

Bridgewood House Rose Taylor Shared Lives (Adult Placement Scheme)

Send us a message:


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